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2013 Workers Comp Changes: Do the Math

Employers be warned: big changes in workers compensation premiums are coming in 2013. This pending change has been a topic of discussion for months in the insurance community and most agree it is probably the most significant event in workers' compensation in the last 20 years.


Management Liability Risks: Are You Covered?

As the economy continues climbing back from the abyss, recent studies show management-related liability claims are on the rise, in some cases, by double-digits. The entities on the sharp end of these litigation sticks were public and private, for profit and not-for-profit, large and small…in other words, organizations of virtually of every type, size and...


Older Properties May Require New Approach

Functional Replacement Cost may be an appropriate cost-control strategy for insuring high value historic properties, but policyholders must understand details before implementing.


Return-To-Work Programs Benefit Everyone

The two main drivers behind rising workers compensation expenses are healthcare costs and disability payments. While most employers have limited options when it comes to controlling healthcare expenses of injured workers, they can have a major impact on the disability expenses associated with such incidents.


Tweet This: Social Media Brings Risk

Social media is the new frontier in the communications world. It is also the new frontier for risk. From blogging to Tweeting to Facebooking to YouTubing, there are increasing opportunities to expose your organization to unexpected liabilities.


Foreign Risk, Foreign Concepts

Whether your organization sends employees abroad on business, or is planning long-term overseas activities, you need to consider the special issues created by foreign risk.


Not-for-Profits Need to Protect Directors, Officers

Serving as a board member for a not-for-profit brings with it certain risks which the organization itself as well as the individual should be aware.


Minimizing Your Contractual Liability Risk

Many business owners routinely overlook a serious risk exposure which they create on their own: contractual liability. This article spotlights the perils of contractual liability and offers pointers on controlling your organization’s exposure to such risks.


Employment Practices Liability: A Growing Risk for All

Every employer can relate to the potential for lawsuits arising from allegations of unlawful employment practices or policies. In today’s litigation-happy society, employers of every size are targets, justly and unjustly, of disgruntled employees, unhired job applicants and irate customers.


Cyber Risk: Danger from Inside & Out

The dramatic changes in the use of technology have a major impact on the risks businesses face, particularly those firms that process, retain, or manage personal information or protected health information. Today, virtually every organization faces “cyber risks”, a host of new perils that can strangle an organization if the proper precautions are not taken.