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Older Properties May Require New Approach

Functional Replacement Cost may be an appropriate cost-control strategy for insuring high value historic properties, but policyholders must understand details before implementing.


Not-for-Profits Need to Protect Directors, Officers

Serving as a board member for a not-for-profit brings with it certain risks which the organization itself as well as the individual should be aware.


Flood Insurance Program Sinking

What would happen to property damaged by a hurricane during a period when Congress allowed the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to lapse? Property owners in coastal regions will be in serious peril if Congress continues playing political football with the NFIP program.


Tough Times Call for Tougher Scrutiny

Sometimes a bad economy brings great opportunities. Just ask anyone who is in the market for a car or real estate! On the other hand, difficult economic times can also generate opportunities which appear “too good to be true”, particularly when it comes to financial products like business insurance.


When Business and Personal Risks Collide…

Distinguishing between personal, social and business activities can be difficult for some business owners. Civic activities are an expected part of your position, working from home is common, and entertaining clients is as much social as it is business. In light of today’s litigation prone society, protecting yourself and your business from liabilities created by […]


Compensation: Transparency is the Best Policy

Following years of adverse press regarding insurance broker compensation, many buyers of insurance still have little knowledge as to how their broker is compensated. While there are many approaches to compensation with no one “right” answer, buyers have a right to understand how their insurance dollars are being allocated and to what extent (if any) […]