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Transparency regarding our sources of income is critical to maintaining the confidence of our clients. Seacrest Partners receives the majority of our revenue for insurance placement or related services from commission paid by insurance companies or fees paid by the client. All forms of our compensation are described below.


Commission is paid to us by the insurer for the placement or renewal of insurance policies, day-to-day servicing of the account, claims handling and other services. Commission rates differ by type of policy and insurer.


Fees we receive from our clients are agreed to in writing by us and the client for the placement of insurance, account servicing, claims handling and other client services. If the client pays us a fee, we will not receive other compensation from insurance companies without written consent of our client


Seacrest Partners receives interest income on insurance premium in our bank accounts. If we finance or assist with the financing of your insurance premiums, Seacrest Partners may receive income from the premium finance company.

Contingent Income / Profit Sharing

Contingent income varies by insurer, and is generally based on several factors. Typical factors include the amount of premiums, year over year premium growth, and profitability of the entire book of insurance placed during that time. The term “contingent” means payments made by the insurance company to an agency depend on results over a defined period of time with that insurer. Contingent income is designed to reward agents who produce profitable business for the insurer. It also encourages agents and their clients to provide the insurer with accurate underwriting information. Clients should receive more attractive insurance proposals if their business is profitable to insurers.

Seacrest Partners will be glad to exclude any client from contingent income plans if requested.

We will disclose our method and amount of income to any client upon request. If you have any questions or require more information regarding our compensation for the placement of insurance or other client services, please contact any of our associates.